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                                    The quality management systems of Eagle Scien fic have been assessed and approved to ISO 9001:2008.
                                    Original approval was given in 2002 and our cer ficate number GB10402 is valid un l 20 August 2022.

                                    The environmental management systems of Eagle Scien fic have been assessed and approved to ISO
                                    14001:2004. Original approval was given in 2012 and our cer ficate number GB19842 is valid un l 15 January

                                    We are members of the Bri sh Educa onal Suppliers Associa on (BESA). BESA has over 300 members which
                                    include manufacturers and distributors of equipment, materials, books, consumables, furniture, technology,
                                    ICT hardware and digital content ‐ all to the educa on market. BESA members supply to UK and interna onal
                                    markets, across the curriculum and at all levels from early years to FE and voca onal training. The total
                                    turnover of BESA members is in excess of £1.8 billion. BESA members offer buyers peace of mind by
                                    subscribing to a code of prac ce.

                                    We are members of Technical and Voca onal Educa on and Training United Kingdom (TVET UK). TVET UK is
                                    the UK partnership of technical and voca onal educa on suppliers that works together to provide an
                                    op mum integrated service for interna onal clients and develop strategic global partnerships. TVET UK
                                    members include UK voca onal educa on and training na onal agencies, sector skills councils and awarding
                                    bodies, together with colleges, voca onal schools, work based and private training providers and educa onal
                                    equipment and materials supply companies that meet the TVET UK quality threshold criteria.

                                    Eagle Scien fic is registered on the United Na ons Global Marketplace database of approved suppliers able
                                    to supply UN agencies around the world.

                                    Eagle Scien fic are members of the Derbyshire and No nghamshire Chamber of Commerce which is the
                                    leading business organisa on in the East Midlands of England. With a growing membership of more than
                                    3,400 businesses and 8,000 affiliates, it is the third largest chamber of commerce in the country.
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