Eagle Scientific was established in 1979 as a manufacturer of scientific equipment and global supplier for industry and education. Today,   we   are   a   leading   manufacturer   and   supplier   of   scientific,   medical,   educational   and   vocational   training   solutions   to   both   new   and   long- standing clients across the globe. Eagle   Scientific   operates   from   dedicated   premises   situated   in   the   English   Midlands   at   the   centre   of   excellent   links   to   road,   rail,   seaports   and   airports serving Britain and the world. Modern   offices   allow   our   dedicated   teams   to   use   the   latest   techniques   to   better   serve   our   growing   list   of   satisfied   clients,   whilst   our   wholly   owned warehousing complex gives us total control over quantity, quality, packaging and logistics. Eagle   Scientific   maintains   a   high   degree   of   technical   skills   within   its   personnel   to   ensure   continued   support   for   all   projects   in   which   we   become involved.   Recognition   of   the   demand   from   our   markets   to   provide   immediate   response   and   long-term   sustainability   enables   us   to   remain   focused and to maintain our reputation within our market. With   proven   capabilities   across   a   spectrum   of   disciplines   and   with   a   culture   and   enterprise   initiative,   Eagle   Scientific   approaches   even   the   most complex of projects with the confidence and knowledge that it will deliver practical and effective solutions. We   are   financially   strong   and   the   group   has   recently   expanded   significantly   through   the   acquisition   of   Cooper   Technology,   a   world   leader   in   the design    and    manufacture    of    high    performance    testing    equipment    for    asphalt,    bitumen,    concrete,    cement,    soil    and    aggregates    used    in    civil engineering. Eagle Scientific are members of the following internationally focussed organisations:


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