Within   the   education   sector,   the   range   of   products   supplied   by   Eagle   Scientific   can   range   from   very   basic   equipment   for   schools   to   more   advanced and technically complex equipment for higher education establishments and research institutions. The   preparation   of   technical   specifications   and   the   creation   of   equipment   lists   for   laboratory   training   &   research   in   engineering   subjects   are   both areas on which our technical specialists can provide advice and expertise. Procurement   of   equipment   and   supplies   for   universities,   scientific   laboratories,   research   centres,   centres   of   excellence   and   other   institutions   of higher   education   are   provided   by   a   team   of   project   and   tender   engineers   with   cross   discipline   knowledge   and   many   years   of   experience   in   the sector. For further information in the first instance, contact :


Dr Thomas Wright Tel Email
+44 (0)115 949 1111 Research@eagle-scientific.co.uk
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