Eagle   Scientific   was   founded   in   1979   to   supply   educational   equipment   to   Nigeria.   The   company   has   evolved   considerably   in   geographical   range   and the scope of expertise that we can offer, but our core values of supplying solutions for people to improve their own lives have stayed constant. Having   worked   extensively   all   over   the   world,   and   particularly   in   Africa   and   the   Middle   East,   we have   obtained   a   deep   insight   into   why   projects   fail   (and   why   they   succeed)   that   we   bring   to everything   we   do.   The   most   satisfying   thing   for   our   company   is   to   be   able   to   visit   a   workshop, laboratory   or   clinic   we   supplied   ten   years   before   and   see   our   equipment   still   functioning   in   the way it is supposed to, making a difference to people’s lives. Over   the   forty   years   we   have   been   in   business   we   have   supplied   a   truly   comprehensive   range   of solutions:   from   research   laboratories   and   clinics   through   to   technical   training   workshops   and agricultural colleges. To   give   an   idea   of   what   we   are   capable   of,   here   are   a   list   of   some   of   the   key   projects   we have completed in the recent past: 2011:   Zambia.   We   delivered   and   installed   autoclaves   to   sterilise   medical   equipment   for   72   different   medical   centres   throughout   the   country. This included an extensive additional program of works at all sites including construction, electrical and plumbing works. 2015: Ghana. Supply of machine tools and equipment for vocational training in Ghana, to for a value of $1,500,000. 2016:   Nigeria.   World   Bank   project   to   supply   remote   monitoring   equipment   for   weather   monitoring   and   flooding.   Total   project   value   was $4,200,000, and the project involved installing and commissioning sensors throughout Nigeria, particularly in the delta region.


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