Knowledge of the difficulties of local supply Many   companies   just   assume   all   environments   are   the   same.   We   have   visited   too   many   sites where   we’ve   seen   expensive   equipment,   still   sitting   unused   in   its   box.   This   is   something   as   a company we go to great lengths to avoid. We   understand   that   things   taken   for   granted   in   Europe   and   the   United   States   can   pose difficult   challenges   in   the   developing   world.   Whereas   buying   consumables   in   the   UK   can   be done   with   a   mouse-click,   in   remote   areas   (where   budgets   are   constrained)   this   can   be   a   long and   difficult   process.   We   pride   ourselves   on   offering   a   complete   solution,   built   around   the needs   of   the   client.   We   try   to   include   all   necessary   accessories   to   make   items   a   working   unit, and consumables to allow the staff to get started. Where   training   in   the   proper   and   safe   usage   of   an   item   is   necessary,   either   our   in-house team   or   experts   in   the   field   will   provide   a   familiarisation   course   in   its   use.   This   will   always include an element of maintenance training, as this can prevent expensive service visits. Experience in challenging environments Complex   legislative   systems:   We   have   extensive   experience   in   dealing   with   importation   and   customs   regimes,   such   as   SONCAP   in   Nigeria.   This allows   us   to   anticipate   problems   before   they   arise   and   give   realistic   estimated   on   how   long   a   project   will   take   and   potential   pitfalls   along   the way. Remote   and   difficult   locations:   It   is   rare   for   us   to   have   a   project   in   a   non-challenging   environment.   We   are   used   to   dealing   with   remote locations, difficult roads and climatic issues (extreme heat, dust, high humidity etc.). We package and ship goods bearing these factors in mind, to ensure they arrive at the client safely and in good condition. Pride in our work We   understand   the   importance   of   a   good   reputation   in   procurement:   winning   one   project   is   easy,   but   if   that   project   is   not   executed   properly there is very little chance of ever getting another. Our   approach   to   this   is   to   ensure   that   we   always   provide   a   system   that   works   and   leaves   the   end   user   able   to   use   what   we   have   supplied   to create real value. This is reflected in the fact that many of our most important clients have relationships with us stretching over many years.


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