With   over   100   staff,   Eagle   Scientific   can   draw   upon   an   extremely   diverse   and   experienced   pool   of   employees,   including:   Scientists,   Engineers,   Lab Technicians. When   it   comes   to   procurement,   our   team   has   over   200   years   of   combined   experience   in   product   sourcing   and   evaluation,   meaning   that   we   can   find the most appropriate products for the best price available. Key Personnel:
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Alexa Jeffs Alexa’s   role   in   Eagle   Scientific   is   Quotations/Tenders   Manager   and   has   a   well-developed   medical   and   laboratory   experience, administration   skills   and   man   management.   Having   worked   in   procurement   for   international   development   for   more   than 15 years. During this period she has sourced a range of diverse equipment, mainly in the medical and educational sectors.
Dr Alex Johnsen Alex’s   roles   in   Eagle   Scientific   include   project   management,   technical   consultancy   and   customer   relations   management. Alex   holds   a   doctorate   in   Physical   and   Theoretical   Chemistry   from   the   University   of   Oxford   and   is   also   fluent   in   technical French.
Erik Johnsen Erik’s   primary   role   is   as   Eagle   Scientific’s   Sales   Manager   for   Kenya,   Ethiopia,   The   Philippines   and   Myanmar.   Erik   also   acts   as a   technical   consultant   for   projects   which   fall   into   his   area   of   expertise   (Biomedical   science   laboratories   and   facilities).   Erik has   worked   for   Eagle   Scientific   for   the   past   8   years   and   has   been   involved   in   various   aspects   of   the   business   including   bid preparation,   direct   sales   and   package   design.   Erik’s   background   is   in   Biochemistry   in   which   he   holds   a   Master’s   degree (MBiochem) from The University of Oxford.
Dr Thomas Wright Thomas   specializes   in   international   development   programme   design   and   delivery.   He   has   significant   experience   working   in science,   engineering   &   education   sector   related   international   development   to   benefit   projects   within   the   oil   &   gas   industry as   well   as   environmental   management.   Thomas   holds   a   PhD   in   Veterinary   Medicine   &   Science   from   the   University   of Nottingham.