As   the   technical   complexity   and   need   for   turnkey   solutions   has   increased,   the   company   has   understood   the   need   for   a   global   provider   to   meet these requirements. Eagle   Scientific   Ltd   meets   this   challenge   and   provides   the   management   skills   and   capability   to meet the specific tasks of procurement and project delivery. It   has   invested   in   a   multi-faceted   skills   base   which   has   developed   in-house,   a   complete   electronic bidding   and   procurement   system.   This   can   be   readily   tailored   to   meet   specific   requirements   and   is easily maintained both on the ground and remotely using electronic communications. An   obvious   advantage   of   such   systems   is   how   application   knowledge   can   be   directly   employed allowing modifications to be quickly and easily incorporated. The systems used include: Creation of equipment lists and specifications Generation of both paper and electronic based tender documents. Evaluation of bids using electronic means Generation of award documentation including equipment bar code labels. Tracking of deliveries to multiple sites. Financial monitoring and control, authorisation of invoices. Monitoring of acceptance procedures Generation of equipment histories (cost, source, manufacturer etc) The skills offered by Eagle Scientific Ltd allow us to: Speedily identify and define project requirements and to mobilise in-country staff and resources Identify and employ specific expertise related to the project requirements. Provide   transparent   financial   systems,   which   monitor   and   control   project   expenditure.   We   work   with   outside   auditing   bodies   to   prove compliance to financial systems. Provide   an   electronic   bidding   system   with   proven   capability,   allowing   the   generation   of   equipment   procurement   documents   speedily   and tailored to suit specific procurement policy. Maintain and monitor project time scales, identify variance with the ability to provide corrective action. Utilise our experience of working on complex projects world-wide. Provide high visibility and publicity for the project and the funding organisation.


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