With   over   35   years   of   experience   working   on   all   stages   of   educational   and   research   procurement   projects,   Eagle   Scientific   understand   how important   the   initial   needs   analysis   and   design   stages   can   be.   This   is   especially   true   of   projects   in   the   developing   world,   where   operational   budgets can   be   tight,   donor   diligence   stringent,   locations   remote   and   conditions   demanding.   When   key   items   in   an   equipment   list   are   missed   out,   the   ready availability   of   consumables   assumed,   or   erratic   electricity   and   water   supplies   not   accounted   for,   a   whole   project   can   be   rendered   useless   and   the mistake can take years to rectify. Eagle   Scientific’s   experts   come   from   a   diverse   range   of   backgrounds,   including   electrical   and   solar   engineering,   construction,   industrial   chemistry, microbiology   and   neuroscience.   What   differentiates   them   from   typical   consultants   is   that   they   have   all   worked   on   the   delivery   end   of   our   projects, meaning   that   they   know   what   can   be   neglected   and   what   can   go   wrong.   This   allows   us   to   anticipate   and   remove   problems   before   they   arise.   Our extensive   database   of   completed   projects   means   that   key   elements   in   equipment   list   design   that   can   easily   be   overlooked,   such   as   accessories, consumables and maintenance training, are accounted for. Examples of areas where Eagle Scientific Ltd has provided consultancy solutions include: Design of vocational training centres in Ghana, to adjust to a competency based curriculum. Creation of an equipment for an engineering research laboratory in Pakistan. Redesign   of   equipment   lists   for   medical   aid   projects,   in   order   to   reduce   costs   by   more   than   30%   whilst   maintaining   the   same   clinical effectiveness.


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