Through   our   associations   with   colleges,   universities,   consultants,   and   academics,   our   Training   Services   Division   cn   call   upon   substantial   physical and human resources in order to undertake major international programmes. Eagle   Scientific   also   works   with   a   number   of   colleges   and   training   institutions   throughout   the   United   Kingdom   and   overseas,   partnering   with   major colleges for the provision of International Train the Trainer Programmes which complement our work in Africa and beyond. Our    train    the    trainer    programmes    offer    extensive    instruction    in    techniques    of    Curriculum    Development,    Assessment    and    Verification    in Competency Based Training (CBT) and result in a recognisable qualification on successful completion. The   programmes   are   designed   from   a   suite   of   International   Train   the   Trainer   qualifications   delivered   from   introductory   to   advanced   level   for trainees   and   for   our   client   organisations   and   are   usually   UK   based.   The   qualifications   will   give   international   trainers   an   opportunity   to   update, further develop and add to their skills as trainers. The   programmes   introduce   the   latest   teaching   methodology   and   are   ideal   for   capacity   building   projects   where   a   new   training   system,   equipment and/or curricula is being introduced. The   programme   will   focus   on   giving   the   trainers   the   underpinning   knowledge   required   to   deliver   to   international   standards   of   best   practice   for vocational training. The topics covered include: Curriculum Development Assessment and Verification Quality Assurance The   training   is   aimed   at   all   levels   of   trainers   and   is   delivered   using   a   logical   framework   of   progression.   Progress   is   tracked   regularly   and   where necessary adjustments in the programmes can be made as required. We   can   provide   training   for   those   who   want   to   enter   the   teaching   profession   and   for   those   who   work   in   training   in   industry   and   the   workplace,   as well   as   those   working   with   students   on   a   one   to   one   basis.   The   qualifications   gained   will   provide   sufficient   evidence   that   an   individual   has   acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to enable them to teach in the international FE/TVET sector.


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