We   supply   a   vast   range   of   teaching   and   training   equipment   for   Vocational   Training,   necessary   to   match   the   skills   of   workers   to   the   demands   of   the labour market. Eagle Scientific can provide: Review of existing facilities Provision of curriculum Procurement, supply and delivery of equipment Training assessments As   well   as   providing   education,   scientific   and   vocational   training   equipment,   we   have   significant experience   in   the   management   of   turnkey   projects   from   inception   to   installation   and   on-going technical support. Eagle    Scientific    specialises    in    providing    TVET    solutions    for    engineering,    science    and technology, including: Industrial and vocational training centres Universities and teacher training colleges As well as providing equipment, we have significant experience in the management of training projects including: Consultancy Training assessments and needs analysis Facility design Equipment identification and supply English language training Technical training Train the Trainer Short course programmes Training materials & technical documentation production For further information in the first instance, contact :


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